Travel-Loving Homebodies

Sid here, former videographer, travel mama to Ollie, and wife to Josh! We explore the world as a family (yup, toddler included!), and I share our adventures to inspire YOU to do the same.

Think fun destinations, travel tips made for real families, and even some grown-up escapes for good measure. Ready to ditch the routine and embrace travel with kids’ adventures? Join us!

Meet the Crew: Simply Sid & Co. – Bringing the World to Your Living Room (and vice versa)

Adventure wasn’t really a choice, it was practically in our veins! My (Sid) first passport stamp came at the young age of seven, and from then on, my family thrived on globe-trotting every few years, from Peru, England, Alaska, and everything in between, all the while peppering plenty of road trips in between like sprinkles on an already delicious sundae. College threw in a curveball: a spontaneous 30-day whirlwind study abroad through 11 European countries that left me exhilarated and, well, slightly bankrupt. But it ignited a passion – the world was a tapestry waiting to be explored.

When Josh and I got married, travel wasn’t exactly at the top of our priority list. Life had other plans, though. Six months in, with Josh in his final college semester, life threw another curveball – I got laid off! In true “make lemonade” fashion, I dusted off my passion for photography and videography. Turns out, twisting my arm wasn’t necessary – I loved capturing stories through a lens. Although that career path veered in a different direction, it equipped us with invaluable business and creative skills that became our trusty travel companions.

Then came Ollie, our adventurous bundle of joy. He inherited the travel bug – not surprising, considering it was practically buzzing around the house! Now, the three of us are a mostly well-oiled travel machine, exploring North America by land, air, and sea. From scaling ancient ruins in Mexico to trekking through the emerald Pacific Northwest, we’re on a mission to share our love of travel and the vibrant tapestry of cultures with our little explorer.

But this blog isn’t just about us. It’s about YOU. We understand the anxieties, the excitement, and the endless questions that come with travel with kids (or without!). We’re here to share our experiences, tips, and maybe even a few mishaps (because let’s be honest, they’re half the fun!), to hopefully inspire you to embark on your own adventures, big or small.

Think of us as your travel buddies, cheering you on from the sidelines. We’ll share packing hacks that even the most seasoned traveler might have missed, dish on hidden gems (because who doesn’t love a secret?), and provide real, honest reviews of destinations, activities, and even the occasional kid-friendly meal that won’t leave you reaching for earplugs.

So, buckle up (or unbuckle, if you’re already on a plane), and join us on this amazing journey! We’ll document the epic wins, the hilarious fails, and everything in between. Because at the end of the day, travel isn’t just about ticking destinations off a list – it’s about creating memories, collecting experiences, and expanding your horizons, one adventure at a time.

Ready to join the Simply Sid & Co. crew? Dive into our blog, ask us anything, and share your own travel stories! We’re excited to explore the world with you, virtually or in person – wherever the adventure takes us!


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