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Lake Powell with Kids – 9 Items you Do NOT Want to Forget with Young Kids

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Want to know the items you don’t want to forget when going to Lake Powell with young kids? This post has all of our must-have items you will not want to forget!

Lake Powell is such a fun and relaxing vacation that the whole family can enjoy! However, Lake Powell with kids definitely requires some planning. Speaking as someone who married into a Lake Powell-going family, all of this definitely came as a shock to me at first, but now that I’ve got the lay of the land, I’m here to help you feel prepared! This post is all about the items you do not want to forget when going to Lake Powell with kids.


Lake Powell with Kids – 9 Must Haves Items

Alright, let’s do this! Here are our essentials for going to Lake Powell with kids.

1. Sunscreen for Babies and Kids

I can’t stress this enough, but this is one thing you do not want to forget! The first time we went to Lake Powell with a baby, we forgot to put some sunscreen on his feet for just a couple of hours, and boy was that a mistake. Here’s our favorite sunscreen for babies and toddlers. We also love using sunscreen sticks for faces! It works so well because it is so easy to apply and helps avoid getting sunscreen in your kids’ eyes and mouth.


2. Infant Sun Hat

You may think, we have sunscreen, do we need an infant sun hat? Yes. Yes, you do. Lake Powell is such a huge lake that when you are out and about, shade is not very common. Get your kids hats that will fit snuggly and won’t fly off, especially if you’re going boating. What is the best infant sun hat you ask? Here are a couple of our favorites! You can also order them in larger sizes if you are in need of a toddler sun hat instead.


3. Multiple Swimsuits for Kids

Depending on the time of the year you go, you and your kids will basically live in your swimsuits while at Lake Powell. You know what this means right? Spills and messes. Trust me, you don’t want to be washing swimsuits every day or forcing your kids to change into real clothes. Bringing multiple swimsuits for your kids will be huge for keeping your kids semi-clean and happy! Here are some of my favorites from Target. 

4. Joovy Pack and Play

Please don’t rely on “sleeping under the stars”. Lake Powell can get hot and stay hot at night. It will not be fun to sleep under the stars in 80-degree weather. Trust. Our son is still in a crib, so we’ve brought a pack-and-play every year we have gone for him. For our five-year-old nephew, he gets to sleep on a pad in the living room which he loves. If you have enough beds, then even better! The reason why I’ve listed a very specific pack-and-play is that it’s amazing. It’s so much bigger than the others and has been so nice for our very active little man. He can flip around all he wants and not be bothered by hitting the side constantly when he’s trying to sleep.

5. Extra Snacks and Entertainment for Kids

Being out in the sun can not only make you thirsty but hungry! We go through so many snacks while we are at Lake Powell, and even more when we have the kids with us. Make sure to have enough on the houseboat and with you when you go out on adventures. Also, Lake Powell is such a great vacation because of its simplicity, but it’s also just that – simple. The entertainment is very much dependent on what you bring with you. Bring games, water toys, movies, toys… you get the drift. I tend to overpack in this department, but I know what a bored kid looks like and I definitely would prefer to avoid that when we’re in a confined environment for a week straight. Here are some of our favorite water toys to bring with us. 

Sieco Design AQUAVUE Voyager, Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft, for Kids and Adults
Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set
Rubber Dockie Floating Mat

6. Hard-Soled Water Shoes for Kids

Little feet are so tender so having hard-soled water shoes for the kids can be so helpful in preventing blisters or injuries when playing on the beaches or hiking around. Here are some good options in that department.

L-RUN Baby Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Aqua Sock Swim Shoes for Beach Swim Pool
lake powell with a baby

7. Life Jackets for Kids

Guys. If you’re going to Lake Powell with kids and plan on boating, please don’t forget this. It is literally a lifesaver. Pack this first, set reminders, and do anything you can to not forget this for your kids and yourself!



8. Medicine and First Aid Kit for Kids

Have I mentioned how big Lake Powell is? If someone gets hurt or is feeling ill, it’s not as easy as running to the store or asking your neighbor. Being prepared by bringing medicine and a first aid kit will be huge for you and your kids. 

9. Cooling Rags for Kids

We didn’t have one of these when we last went with Ollie, but I’m so excited to have one for our trip this year! Homeboy already runs hot as it is, so you can only imagine how hot he gets when he’s been in the outside all day. There are a lot of cooling rags out there for adults, but those can get pretty cold. I highly recommend getting kid-specific products, like the ones below to help keep your kids cool on a warm day. 

Thermal-Aid Zoo — Mini Baxter Bunny — Kids Hot and Cold Pain Relief Heating Pad Microwavable Stuffed Animal and Cooling Pad — Easy Wash, Natural Sleep Aid — Pregnancy Must-Haves for Baby First Aid Kit
20 Sheets EasYeah Kid Fever Patches for Kids Fever Discomfort & Pain Relief, Cooling Relief Fever Reducer, Soothe Headache Pain, Pack of 20

I hope this was helpful! Going to Lake Powell with kids can be so much fun if you are prepared!

As I said, it is definitely one of our favorite vacation spots. It’s such a good time and there is little cellphone reception, so you can really disconnect.

This post was all about Lake Powell with kids essentials you will not want to forget.

lake powell with a baby
lake powell with a baby

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m going to Lake Powell for the first time with a 11 month old & my biggest question is if a pack n play will fit in the master bedroom? We rented the 72 ft houseboat – 4 smaller rooms & 1 big one.

    1. That’s a great question! I couldn’t find a good answer online, but you can measure your pack ‘n play and then call the place you rented the houseboat from to see if they can tell you if there is enough floor room in the master bedroom for it. Good luck and I hope you have fun!

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