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Toddler Room Decor That Will Grow With Your Toddler

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Transitioning your little baby from a crib to a toddler bed is such a great time to create a cute space for your little one. This post is all about toddler boy room decor.

We are transitioning Oliver to a toddler bed. I can’t believe he is old enough for this to be happening! He already loves his room and he’s going to love it even more with all the fun things we’re going to add to it! We wanted his room to be a place that could grow with him as he gets older, but that he also will love now. We also wanted to find toddler boy room ideas on a budget so that we weren’t spending more money on his room than the other rooms in the house. I’m so happy that our research has paid off! This post is all about toddler room decor that won’t break the bank.

Toddler Boy Room Decor

Toddler Bed

Ollie is not quite old or tall enough for us to get him a full size bed, so we got one of those lovely convertible cribs that turns into a toddler bed and that’s what we’re using for his bed! Once he is used to it, we want to get him a nice big bed. He really loves moving around at night, which is why we have a giant Joovy pack and play for traveling, so we will get him either a full or queen bed when he’s ready for it (and have a room for him that is big enough for that). For now though, he’s pretty pumped about his cute crib turning into his new toddler bed!

Delta Children Skylar 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Greenguard Gold Certified - image 6 of 13


We originally wanted to get Ollie some Beddy’s because they zip up and are so cute. What better way to teach your little child to make their bed, then by having them just zip it up! They are a little pricey though so we are waiting until we transition him to a full bed before we get them. In the meantime, we just got him some cute vehicle bedding from Target.

Wall Decor

Like I mentioned, I wanted to make sure that Ollie’s toddler boy room decor could grow with him. Instead of buying everything online, we decided to go into the store and have him pick out what he wanted and this is what he chose! We did pick a couple of things ourselves but he picked most of it himself which he loved.


Oliver loves books, so I wanted to make sure that he had enough room to keep some books in his room. I also of course, wanted to make sure there was enough room for his clothes. Thankfully, the previous owners of our home added some shelving units in the closet that have actually worked out perfectly. We were able to just keep the dresser he had in there from his tiny years and repurpose it for his new toddler boy room. We did make sure to secure it to the wall though! We’ve watched way too many videos of furniture falling on little kids to want that to happen to our Ollie.

The sandy gray color that we have of his dresser is no longer available, so I’m including a few other versions that are similar. I have definitely loved the little cute cubbies in his dresser which is a big reason why we didn’t give it up. Yet…

Savannah Changing Table Dresser
Zoomed Image


Josh and I debated on this for a while. When he had a crib, we kept the rocking chair in there so we could have a place to read to him at night and so he had a place to sit when he wanted to read in there. However, with a toddler bed, did we still need a chair in there? The consensus, for now, was to keep it in there!

Candlewood Pillow Back Swivel Glider Chair Light Tan - Threshold™ - image 1 of 5


I don’t know about you, but I sleep in basically pitch-black nothingness at night. Too many little lights ruin my sleep. I kind of assumed that everyone slept like this and we’ve indoctrinated Oliver. Ever since he was tiny, we’ve had blackout curtains in his room for bed. It’s probably too late to go back now! These curtains have been so good for blocking out all light. This is especially important in the summer when he’s going to bed when it’s still light outside. We don’t want him to think it’s still party-time!


The rug… I really wasn’t sure about putting a rug on the carpet, but this was one has been perfect! It’s a pretty basic rug because toddlers, but he loves it and it ties the room together. We actually bought this rug when we were first married and it has moved with us to each house and has been perfect!

Simply Essential™ Cameron 4'6 x 6' Area Rug in Dark Blue. View a larger version of this product image.


We didn’t want toys in his room yet because we wanted him to get used to sleeping in his room and being able to wander around, so we opted for a bean bag chair and a basket for his stuffed animals (the only toys we left in there).

I looked everywhere for an affordable bean bag chair and ended up finding a fill yourself one from Amazon. We have a ton of extra blankets and pillows that we used to stuff it and it worked out great.

Chloe and Cotton Extra Large Woven Rope Laundry Basket, White Jute


When updating to his toddler boy room, I knew I wanted to do update his light. Isn’t picking lighting so hard?! I struggled between the two below like you wouldn’t believe. I still am. I really want the second one but his room is too small for it and the ceiling too low. We still haven’t decided. Haha.

That’s it! Pretty minimalist, but also so cute. We love it, Ollie loves it. Win win!

This post was all about toddler room decor.

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