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Family Halloween Movies

Halloween. Need I say more? I’m all about that Halloween fun, whether it’s baking fun treats, dressing up, or watching all the Halloween movies. I never really watched too scary of Halloween movies because I’m a wimp, so I was well-versed in the non-scary, family-friendly Halloween movies, which I’ve kept in a storehouse in my brain that has definitely come in handy as a mom. I want Ollie and our future kids to see how fun Halloween is, but I also don’t want them having nightmares from watching movies that are too scary for them. There is definitely a fine balance and I think these movies nail it! Scroll to the bottom for a checklist with all of these movies on it.

Hocus Pocus
Josh loves this movie. A lot. I wasn’t a big fan until I married him, but I’ve grown to see it’s beauty. Witches in Salem. Does it get more Halloween-ey than that?

Hocus Pocus

This was one of the first Halloween movies I remember watching, so this one has a special place in my heart. Also, because young Sid had a huge crush on human Casper.


The House with the Clock in the Walls
We saw this movie in theaters and love it so much! It’s super cute and has just enough suspense too make it interesting.

house with a clock in its walls

Hotel Transylvania 1, 2, and 3
I love these movies and, contrary to public opinion, love the the third one the most. Monsters on a cruise ship. How cool is that? Also, it’s animated, so all your kiddos will love that even more.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 3

Halloweentown 1, 2, 3, and 4
I grew up watching these and always waited to see if I would get magical powers like they did. Spoiler alert, they didn’t. I still love these movies though.


Haunted Mansion
This movie, this ride – all so good. I don’t know if it brings back some Disneyland nostalgic tingles or if I just really like the movie. Either way, we watch this one every year.

Haunted Mansion

Classic. But also another one that I didn’t really get into until I married Josh. Now, I too am a fan. Are you?


Harry Potter
Is it too cliché to sneak these franchise in? I will gladly take any excuse to re-watch (and re-read) the story of young Harry.

Harry Potter

That’s it! Those are our picks for the top 8 family-friendly Halloween movies. We know there are probably more, so share your favorites in the comments! I’d love to write another post with a more comprehensive list that includes your picks.

family-friendly halloween movies checklist

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