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Utah Fall Activities Bucket List

I grew up in Arizona, so I never really had the falls you see in the movies. Boy, was I in for a treat when I moved to Utah! Fall is no joke here. The leaves change colors and the temperature slowly (or quickly sometimes) drop to cooler, Christmas-worthy temperatures. Utah really shows up when it comes to fall and every year, I want to take advantage of it by squeezing in as many fall activities as possible before my mind focuses on Christmas! This year, with COVID, things look a little different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the fall activities we can do! Thankfully, most of them are naturally socially-distanced, so that’s a bonus!

Now, I feel like I’m still a noob to the cool fall activities in Utah, so if I’ve missed one of your favorites, let me know! I would love to keep this updated for you guys with all the latest happs!

Drive Alpine Loop

I know there are several mountains passes to go through, and they are all beautiful! I am partial to the Alpine Loop because it’s closer to where we live and I love that you can just go through from Provo to American Fork. The colors are beautiful and the views are amazing!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

If you’re getting yourself a pumpkin, why not go to a pumpkin patch and pick one out yourself! It is so much fun and most have fun activities for the kiddos. Last year, we went to the Carlisle Gardens Pumpkin Patch. There were SO MANY PUMPKINS to choose from. Plus a fun slide that we took Ollie down on. He was tiny though so he didn’t really know what was happening. This year, we went to Evans Family Farms and Ollie loved seeing the animals they had in the little petting zoo. Also, he picked up a pumpkin on his own. Who knew he was that strong!

Visit a Corn Maze

Who doesn’t love getting lost in a corn maze? Ollie. Ollie does not like this. We tried to take him through a little kid one, and after the third turn of the same thing, he turned his little body right around and went out the way he came in. Ha! He loved the bigger one he went through with us though! In fact, he looked for places to hide from us which was fun.

Make a Pumpkin Treat

Or buy?? Haha. Just get yourself something pumpkin-flavored and embrace the flavor of the season! If you go the route of the store-bought pumpkin treat, you have to try this pumpkin bread from Kneaders. It will change your life.

Watch a Sunset with some Hot Cocoa

This was always something I loved doing as a kid, even though the blanket was mostly for show and the hot cocoa was not that hot. I grew up in Arizona, can you blame me? I love doing this here though! The sunsets are earlier too, so you don’t have to stay up too late and they are so pretty!

Play in Crunchy Leaves

Is there a more ‘fall’ sound than the sound of crunching leaves? Sure the leaves get in your clothes and sure, you need to rake a whole lot of leaves to get a good pile, but isn’t it so worth it??

Halloween/Full Moon Lift Ride

Sundance has this Halloween lift ride that is so fun to go through! They have people dressed up in different little scenes as you ride the lift up and down. What better way to be scared than from afar? They also have a full moon lift ride which is awesome! This is definitely an early fall activity and it does cost some money.

Campfire + S’mores/Cocoa

I know that campfires and s’mores are more of a summer thing, but hear me out. What if you had a little campfire in your backyard? Wrapped yourself in a blanket, busted out those s’mores or just get yourself some cocoa (notice a theme with me and the cocoa??), and sat there under the light of the stars with the cool, fall breeze in the air. Doesn’t that sound magical? It is. Or if it’s not too cold, go up to the mountains! Check out our trip to the mountains last month here!

BONUS – Cornbellys

Most of the things I’ve mentioned don’t really cost much money, which is a bonus! But if you want to spend some money for more entertainment, go to Cornbelly’s! It is like a pumpkin patch with a million more activities for both you and your kiddos to enjoy. Ollie loved running around and finding different things to play with. He drove some tractors, threw some football, slid down slides, and went halfway (a quarter actually) through a tiny kid maze. He especially loved the giant slide with its drops. I went with him first and I was little worried for him (and myself because I don’t do drops very well), but he just giggled the entire time and wanted to go again!

We ate dinner there too and I got this wood-fired pizza that was delicious! I am all about that pizza, and so is Ollie, which is a win-win since I usually can’t finish all of my food by myself!

Let me know your favorite fall activities!

Utah fall activities simply sid co cornbellys toddler holding pumpkin
Utah fall simply sid co cornbellys toddler at a pumpkin patch
Utah fall simply sid co cornbellys mom with toddler
Utah fall activities simply sid co cornbellys mom with toddler
Utah fall activities simply sid co cornbellys kids at a campfire

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