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Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem // Self-Guided Walking Tour

If you’re looking to do your own walking tour of all of the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem, here is the best path to make that happen!

Hocus Pocus is a staple in our house at Halloween. It definitely wasn’t that way growing up, but now that I’ve gotten older, there is something so nostalgic about the movie! So when we planned our trip to Boston, we knew we had to stop in Salem to visit all of the Hocus Pocus sites in Salem. There are tours you can pay for that will take you to all the sites, but if you want to visit them at your own pace, here is the walking tour path we used to visit the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem. You will not be disappointed!

This post is the best self-guided walking tour of the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem.

Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem Tour Overview

Ok, full disclosure if you want to hit up all of the Hocus Pocus sites in the area, you will probably need to rent a car because there are a few shots that were filmed outside of Salem. To see all of the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem though, you can totally do that all by walking!

This tour starts at Max and Allison’s school near the Salem Common and ends at the Pioneer Village where Thackery Binx runs from at the beginning of the movie. Total walking time is about an hour (not counting the time you spend at each place, of course!) and you will walk for 2.6 miles. It does end outside of the main Salem area though, so don’t forget to account for the time it will take you to walk back when making plans!

Ways to Get Around in Salem

Walking Around Salem

Obviously, the cheapest way to get around is going to be by walking. Super simple, right?! Salem is pretty pedestrian-friendly so there will be sidewalks and crosswalks everywhere you need to go for this.

Biking Around Salem

If you like riding a bike, this is such a great option to see the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem! There are Blue Bikes throughout the city that you can rent for $2.95 for 30 minutes or you can get an Adventure Pass that gives you unlimited 2-hour rides for a 24-hour period for only $10. Double-check the website below for prices though because they are constantly changing!

The first few places on the walking tour are pretty close together. However, getting to Max and Dani’s house and the Pioneer Village is a little further out. If you don’t want to make that long walk, you can rent a bike! They also have an app to make it easy to find bike stations near you and how many bikes there are available.

This is what we ended up doing to get over to Max and Dani’s house and back and loved it! It was so much fun. We did the Adventure Pass and rode them for a few rides all over town after we finished seeing all of the Hocus Pocus sites.


Driving Around

Of course, the other way to see the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem is to drive! This is a great option for getting to places that are further away, like the Pioneer Village or the bonus sites outside of Salem in Marblehead! The one downside to driving around is the traffic in the main part of Salem.

If you drive, I would recommend walking for the first sites and then getting in your car for Max and Dani’s house, Pioneer Village, and the cemetery and road crossing if you choose to go.

Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem Walking Tour

John Bailey High School – Max & Allison’s School

hocus pocus sites in salem

Phillips Elementary School

22-98 S Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970

Our first stop in the Hocus Pocus walking tour is Max and Allison’s high school at the beginning of the movie! And where the witches are “burned” toward the end of the movie. It is no longer a working school (and actually wasn’t while they were filming) so you won’t bother anyone by taking pictures in front of it. 

It felt a little odd to just take a picture of a random building haha but when more people started coming too, we were sure we were in the right place!

Salem Common – Max Flirting with Allison Scene

Salem Common

N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970

The next stop on our Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem tour is the Salem Common! It’s actually not even really much of a stop because you are basically already there! Salem Common is a public park that has been there since the 17th century. If you want to recreate the scene from the movie, you will want to head to the east gates by the park and get a shot of the school behind you.

Old Town Hall – Halloween Party

Old Town Hall

32 Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970 

Next up on the Hocus Pocus tour is the Old Town Hall! This is from the Halloween Party that Max and Dani’s parents go to. You know, the one where Bette Midler and the other witches sing “I’ve Put a Spell on You”. Only she doesn’t actually sing it in this Town Hall. This Town Hall was just used for the outside shots. This is one of the oldest city buildings in Salem and it is still in use today for events ranging from weddings to farmers’ markets. Pretty cool, huh? It’s also smack dab in the middle of the main part of town so you can’t miss it!

Rope’s Mansion – Allison’s House

hocus pocus sites in salem

The Ropes Mansion 

318 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970

Allison’s house is also called the Ropes Mansion. It is quite amazing! The home is beautiful and the gardens in the back are pretty amazing! During the month of October, they actually decorate the front of the house to look like it does in the movie! There are several events that they do there as well. Check out their website to see their event calendar!

Photo Tip – The groups of people come in waves so if there are a ton of people when you first get there, try heading to the gardens and then coming back for your picture in front of the house after. 

When we got there, there were only two couples there! Then after we got our picture, there were so many people! After we toured the gardens, it was empty! The crowds really ebb and flow so don’t stress!

Max & Dani’s House

hocus pocus sites in salem

4 Ocean Ave, Salem, MA 01970

Next up on the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem tour is Max and Dani’s house! This is a 28-minute walk, 9-minute bike ride, or 5-minute drive from the Ropes Mansion. If you decide to rent a bike now, you can find a bike station on your way to the house, so check the map to get the exact location and number of bikes available!

Max and Dani’s house is in a quiet neighborhood and there is actually a family that lives there too so don’t forget to be courteous of their space and privacy!

There are also some steps nearby that take you down to the water if you want a place to rest and take in the view! I mean, look at it!

Pioneer Village – Thackery’s Village

Man standing outside the sign for the Pioneer Village in Salem for a Hocus Pocus sites in Salem, Massachusetts.
Home of Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus at the Pioneer Village in Salem during a Hocus Pocus sites in Salem walking tour.

Pioneer Village

98 West Ave, Salem, MA 01970

Now on to the last stop of the Hocus Pocus walking tour in Salem! Pioneer Village is just a short walk, ride, or drive away and is a great place to spend some time! This is where the opening scenes of Thackery Binx were filmed when he realizes his sister has gone missing. It was originally built for a celebration in 1930 and the residents loved it so much that they petitioned to keep it up! 

The Pioneer Village is only open on the weekends from 12 pm-4 pm through October and you can buy your tickets on the website (link above). The little houses are so cute and so informative of what it was like to live back in the pilgrim times in Salem. There are also several interactive things like the stocks and all of the houses you get to walk through.

We got so lucky because we went on a Friday at the end of September and were fully expecting to just take pictures over the fence. We were shook when we got there and it was open! It was such a fun surprise!

Woman in gallows at the Pioneer Village in Salem during Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem walking tour.

Bonus Sites Outside of Salem

Day Cemetery Scenes 

Marblehead Old Burial Hill

Cemetery Orne Street, Marblehead, MA 01945

If you’ve got a car (12-minute drive) or a bike (22-minute ride) or want to make the walking trek (1 hour and 12 minutes) to Marblehead, this is a bonus stop on the Hocus Pocus Walking Tour! The Old Burial Hill Cemetary is where the scenes are filmed at the beginning of the movie where Max gets his shoes taken by the bullies.

If you go to the Old Burial Hill website, they have a little tour with facts about the gravestones! There is a lot of neat information there if you want to learn more about those buried there.

Max Bike Riding Montage

State St & Washington St, Marblehead, MA 01945

This is a little obscure, but if you’re already at the Old Burial Hill, this is close by! This intersection is where Max rides his bike at the beginning of the movie after getting rejected by Allison and before getting his shoes taken at the cemetery. 

That’s a wrap for the Hocus Pocus Sites in Salem Walking Tour! I hope this helps make your trip so much easier and helps you not miss a site!

hocus pocus sites in salem
hocus pocus sites in salem

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