things to do on christmas day

10 Memorable Things to do on Christmas Day

Christmas is a magical time but do you find yourself doing more leading up to Christmas than on actual Christmas Day? Here are 10 memorable things to do on Christmas Day!

things to do on christmas day

Christmas Day is such a fun time! Most people will open up presents, have a delicious meal, and spend time together as a family. But are you wanting to find other things to do on Christmas Day to make the day extra special? I’ve got you covered! Here are TEN memorable things to do on Christmas Day to soak up all of the remaining time in the Christmas season.

10 Things to Do on Christmas Day!

Family Breakfast/Brunch

Is there anything more magical than a delicious breakfast on such a fun morning? We looove switching off between making this Kneaders French toast recipe or getting frozen kolaches from Hruska’s Kolaches that we bake on Christmas morning. I love how quick the kolaches are, but my favorite has been the years that we make French toast with homemade syrup, fresh-squeezed orange juice and some fruit. Last year, Ollie was too little to help, but you better believe that he will get to squeeze those oranges for juice this year!

Video Chat with or Visit Family 

My family lives in Arizona and Josh’s lives in Utah, so we switch off holidays every year. On the off years, we like to FaceTime the family we’re not with. I used to be weird about FaceTime, but then the pandemic made me more comfortable with it and now I love it. It’s so nice to feel like we are with our family especially during the holidays, even when we might be hundreds of miles apart.


This is one that my inlaws have been really good at and have started helping us with. They volunteer at a soup kitchen every month and on Christmas Day and say they love it. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Being cooped up inside the house can feel rough, and Christmas Day is no exception. Getting outside, even if it’s just for a little bit in those cold areas, can be so good for the soul. A family walk or bike ride (if it’s not too icy or snowy) is our favorite thing to do on Christmas Day.

Christmas Movie

A big part of Christmas for me has always been the movies, and having a movie to watch on Christmas Day is so much fun! We like to switch off between our favorite movies every year, even if we’ve already watched them. We have a designated movie for Christmas Eve though. Can you guess what it is? It rhymes with Nuppets Prismas Marol. Haha.

Christmas Feast

Ham and cheese potatoes anyone? We love our Christmas Day feast tradition, even if it’s just been us. It’s so nice to have a good meal to celebrate the wonderful day.

Bake Cookies

Is Christmas Day complete without cookies? I love me a good Christmas cookie with some milk. Especially if that cookie is on Christmas.

Watch Old Family Movies

We make a lot of movies in our house and what better time to watch them together than on Christmas. Snuggle up, bring over that plate of cookies and enjoy reminiscing.

Write in a Christmas Book

Have you heard of a Christmas book? It’s a book that each person in the family can write their favorite gift and memory of the year. You store it with your holiday decorations so you always know where it is. This has become one of our favorite things to do on Christmas Day. We only have a few entries, but I’m stoked to get more and start reading them every year.

Christmas Light Tour in Jammies

What better way to end Christmas than getting in your jammies and taking a drive to look at some Christmas lights. If you can’t get into one of the drive through displays, just drive around the neighborhoods with the cool lights! You know which ones those are. 

There you have it! Those are 10 memorable things to do on Christmas Day. Although it can be sad to think that Christmas will be over the next day, you can still soak up every second of the day with these memorable activities.





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