unique toddler gifts

23 Unique Toddler Gifts

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Are you trying to find some unique gifts for your toddlers but aren’t sure where to start? Thanks to the internet, finding unique toddler gifts is easier now more than ever!

unique toddler gifts

Looking for toddler gift ideas can be so fun! I don’t know about you, but I tend to live vicariously through my son and look for things that I wish I had growing up. I forget sometimes though that he doesn’t need a lot of toys, just ones that he will play with! That’s why I love finding unique toys that I know he will love.

If you’re trying to find unique toddler gifts too, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve scoured the internet looking for unique gifts for my toddler that he will love and have found so many options! This post is all about unique gifts for toddlers.

Unique Toddler Gift Ideas

Toddler Slide/Climber

Have a climber? Teach them the right way to climb from an early age with this cute little climber and slide! Best part? It’s small enough to fit inside.

Foam Ball Pit  Nursery Decor   Toddler Toy  Kids Room Decor image 4
Ball Pit

Who wouldn’t love their own ball pit! This cute little foam pit makes is so you don’t have to go anywhere for them to enjoy a good dive in a swimming pool of balls.

new personalized story books for children
Personalized Book

Your kids will love having a book with their name (and even picture!) in it! It will try bring the story to life for them.

The Nugget
Climb and Crawl Foam Pieces

These cute mats will allow your toddler to create their own little world. Fort? Bed? Jungle gym? If your toddler can dream it, he or she can make it!

Garden Wheelbarrow Set

What better way to have them help in the garden than with their own tools? They will love being able to do work out there with you with their own gloves and digging items.

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register - image 1 of 9
Cash Register

How cute is this little cash register! it comes with money and items to buy to help them get started learning about money and shopping. We all gotta start somewhere!

Waffle Set

These little waffle pieces are so fun! Your toddler will be able to build toddler-size buildings and tunnels to really get their imagination running.

Piano Play Mat

Have a little music lover? Or are you just wanting your kids to recreate the scene from Big? Either way, this piano mat is super fun to get your kids introduced to music.


Is your toddler more of a guitar-loving child? Get them this cute little guitar instead!

Teeter Popper

Is it an instrument? Is it a balance toy? It’s all of the above! This fun little teeter popper keeps kids engaged with the popping sound the suction makes as they rock back and forth on it.

Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar - image 1 of 5

Toddler days seem like summer (or quarantine) days. They probably aren’t sure what day is which. Help them learn with this cute magnetic calendar!


Have a little handyman in the works? He or she will love this sweet little toolbox!


This cute little easel turns into a desk that allows your little toddler to truly express their creativity.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck - image 3 of 20
Food Truck

Tiny food truck anyone? This toddler-sized food truck will have your little one ready to serve up the food truck crowd.

Travel Aqua Doodle

Want your toddler to learn to draw but don’t always want to be there to supervise in case of a mess? This travel aqua doodle is just for you. No mess, but lots of cute toddler drawings.

Kids Toy Camera

I am partial to this because I love all things camera. This cute little camera will allow your toddler to discover their creativity and makes it easy for you to see what they’ve taken pictures of.

Little Passports

If you’re looking for a subscription service, this is a good! Your child will get different activities and learn about different countries in the world.

Lego Construction Tower

Have truck-loving children? They will love this set! So much for them to do and so many different ways for them to get creative in their play.


Have you heard of these?? They are magnetic foam pieces! Kids can create all sorts of fun animals and designs and they are even waterproof!

3D Play Rug

Say goodbye to 2D play rugs and hello to this beauty! This 3D play rug has a cute little town that your kids can drive their cars around in complete with a round-about!

Ride On Recycling Truck

Have a future sanitation manager on your hands? Or just a little kids that loves to drive cars but is clearly too young? This little ride-on recycling truck is just the thing! It even comes with items that your toddler will be able to recycle in the back. Amazing!

Ride on Firetruck

The fascination of toddlers with firetrucks is real. Thank goodness for this cure little firetruck! The lights turn on and there is even a siren that your toddler can turn on when they are headed to the rescue!

Kids Tent and Camping Set

This cute little tent and camping set is perfect for those toddlers who love to be outdoors (all of them??).

There you have it! Your kids will love these unique toddler gifts. These are such fun gifts that will definitely be a hit. 



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