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20 Gender-Neutral Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers They Will Play With

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 Stockings can be tricky with kids but fear not because here is a list of some cute and gender-neutral stocking stuffers that WILL get used.

Stocking stuffers are always so much fun to shop for, especially for toddlers! But how do you find the balance between not spending too much and not getting things that will just get thrown out in a couple of days? If you find it, let me know! As much research as I do, I’ve still bought my share of stocking stuffers that don’t last for very long. This list is most certainly not that though! I’ve scoured the internet for cute and unique stocking stuffers for toddlers that will not get thrown out in two days. 

Maybe three days, but not two. 


Let me know what stocking stuffers you have found that aren’t on this list. Share them below and we can keep adding to this list for everyone!



Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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1 // Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pad

How fun is it to only color with one pen? And with water too! These water-reveal pads are so fun for kids and a great way to keep them busy.

2 // What Should I Wear Busy Book

If you ever need some quiet in your house, these little busy books are amazing. Ollie is very into the “I do it” phase, so I just give him one of these and he’s kept busy for 20-30 minutes. These are also great for church or doctor’s offices.

3 // Sleepy Not Sleepy Book

Books are always such great stocking stuffers and this cute little book has such a fun story that is perfect for naps and bedtimes.

4 // Magnetic Puzzles

We love magnetic puzzles! They are great for little hands and it’s so much easier to keep the pieces in one place. They are also great for travel!

5 // Poke-a-Dot Book

Interactive books are always a win with kids! We love the Poke-a-dot books because they are super sturdy and so fun.

6 // Magnetic Fishing Game

Fishing with a real fishing rod may be a long ways away, but this little magnetic fishing game is a great way to get them started! Or to just help them gain some hand-eye coordination. Either way, a magnetic fishing game is a great toddler stocking stuffer!

7 // Cory Carson Cars

How cute are these cars? If your kids have watched Cory Carson on Netflix or just love a cute little sibling car set, this will be such a fun stocking stuffer for them.

8 // Mini Grocery Basket Set – Fruit

Add this cute little grocery basket and fruit to your play kitchens! They will fit in so well and your kids will love playing with them.

9 // Alphabet Flash Cards

Are we really parents if we don’t try to sneak some educational things into our kids’ stockings? Don’t answer that because I’ve done Ollie’s first two Christmases with just toys and treats. But these alphabet cards will make it this year!

10 // Llama Llama Holiday Drama Book

We love the little Llama Llama books and this one is no exception. Plus, it’s Christmas-themed so it’s gotta be good.

11 // Mickey Mouse Blocks

Do you have a Mickey Mouse lover in your house? Then these cute little blocks are a great stocking stuffer for them!

12 // Frozen Little People

Most toddlers have seen Frozen right? How fun are these Frozen Little People? I love Little People because they are so durable and perfect for little hands to hold.

13 // Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

Am I lame for getting a water bottle as a stocking stuffer for my toddler? I sure hope not, because this has become a tradition for me and I love it. And this little kid’s water bottle has such good reviews and isn’t too spendy. Win-win!

14 // Pipes Bath Tub Toy

Bath tub toys are a great stocking stuffer for young kids. These little pipes are perfect because they keep little kids entertained and busy enough to not splash water everywhere. Haha. If you know, you know!

15 // ABCs of Kindness Book

Another book because books are amazing! And this book has such a good message that if you don’t already have it, I highly recommend getting it. 

16 // Animal Bath Squirters Toys

What little kid doesn’t like squirting water in the bath? These little animal toys can help control the water spraying and will still allow them to have fun. 

17 // Wooden Chameleon Puzzle

Puzzles can be hard for little kids, but if they are in the shape of a cute little chameleon, then they’ve got to help, right? This is such a fun little ABC puzzle that takes on a shape of its own when done! Ollie is going to be so disappointed when he realizes not all puzzles are so interactive.

18 // Tube Sensory Toys

These may look like pipes, but Amazon assures me they are tubes. Either way, they are another building toy that will help your little toddlers learn to use their hands to build things (instead of destroy…). Haha.

19 // Basic Skills Quiet Book

Another quiet book because heaven knows we could all use a little quiet when there are toddlers around. 

20 // Natural Kid-Friendly Bath Bombs

How fun are these cute bath bombs? And they aren’t super potent and natural. They are the best!

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